The young human rights activists of No Hate Speech Movement (Ei vihapuheelle -liike) want to act against hate speech and promote equality online and in society.


Hate speech is offensive speech or other form of expression that limits your right to be, be heard and hear others just as you are. Hate speech is an attack against an individual or a group of individuals because of ethnic background, native language or skin colour, sex, gender identity or sexual orientation, religion, world view or an opinion, a disability or some other quality.


Hate speech is not only about hatred or speech but also about social structures and social climate. Hate speech is a human rights violation that gains its strength from social inequality and discrimination that it creates.


Hate speech is not a new phenomenon, nor is it limited to the internet. However, the internet makes hate speech more visible than before and gives it new channels. It is easy to incite and spread hatred online or abuse anonymously, and it has an influence on the outside world.


People often hate what they do not know. Ignorance creates fear and prejudice, which come out as hateful expression. Therefore we wish to encourage people for respectful and open discussion and to bravely face each other. If we accept hate speech, we accept unequal treatment of people.


We want to take part in creating a society in which everyone can express themselves and be open about who they are without having to fear intimidation or abuse. Anyone can experience or create hate speech – therefore everyone has the right and the obligation to say No to hate speech.