National Campaign Committee from 27.3.2013 to 30.6.2015


Paavo Arhinmäki, Member of Parliament


Päivi Nerg, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of the Interior

Campaign coordinator

Plan Suomi Säätiö

Committee members

Centre for International Mobility (CIMO)

Advisory Board for Ethnic Relations

Swedish-speaking School Student Union of Finland (FSS)

Jewish Community of Helsinki

The Finnish League for Human Rights

Human Rights Centre

Kanuuna, The Finnish Network for Urban Youth Work

Koordinaatti, National Development Centre of Youth Information

and Councelling

Ombudsman for Children

Central Union for Child Welfare

The Association of Kindergarten Teachers in Finland

Liikkukaa! Org.

Department for Media Education and Audiovisual Media / NAVI

The Finnish Society on Media Education

The Feminist Association Unioni

Finnish Youth Research Society

The Evangelical Lutheran Association for Youth in Finland

Trade Union of Education in Finland

Ministry of Justice

The Finnish National Board of Education

Save the Children Finland

National Police Board

RASMUS, Network against Racism and Xenophobia

Finnish Sámi Parliament

LGTB Rights in Finland (Seta ry)

Ministry of the Interior

Advisory Board on Romani Affairs

The Union of Vocational Students in Finland (SAKKI)

The Islamic Council of Finland

Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities

The Union for Upper Secondary School Students in Finland (SLL)

The Union of Youth Councils in Finland (Nuva ry)

Finnish Youth Cooperation Allianssi

Finnish Student Alliance (OSKU ry)

Finnish Committee for UNICEF

Finnish Parents’ League

Finnish Association of Russian-speaking Organizations

University of Tampere

Ministry of Employment and the Economy

Ministry for Foreign Affairs

Valo, Finnish Sports Confederation

National Workshop Association

Finnish Disability Forum

Verke, National Development Centre for Online Youth Work

The Federation of the Finnish Media Industry Finnmedia

Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority

Ombudsman for Minorities

Åbo Akademi, Institute for Human Rights